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You Can't Compare Today's Market to the Unicorn Market

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Why You Can’t Compare Now to the ‘Unicorn’ Years of the Housing Market [INFOGRAPHIC]



Some Highlights

  • Comparing housing market metrics from one year to another can be challenging in a normal housing market – and the last few years have been anything but normal. In a way, they were ‘unicorn’ years.
  • Expect unsettling housing market headlines this year, mostly due to
  • [...]

What to Expect From the Housing Market in 2023

What To Expect from the Housing Market in 2023 | MyKCM

What To Expect From the Housing Market in 2023


The 2022 housing market has been defined by two key things: inflation and rapidly rising mortgage rates. And in many ways, it's put the market into a reset position.

As the Federal Reserve (the Fed) made moves this year to try to lower inflation, mortgage rates more than doubled – something that’s never happened before in a calendar year. This had a cascading impact on buyer activity, the balance [...]

Cost of homeownership still worth it

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Since the start of the year, monthly mortgage payments have increased significantly, which has caused an overheated housing market to calm down. Due to this, some potential buyers of homes are being priced out of the market, and others are unsure about the best time to make a purchase. But there is no indication that the increase in [...]

The Long-Term Benefit of Home Ownership

The Long-Term Benefit of Homeownership | MyKCM

The Long-Term Benefit of Homeownership


Today’s cooling housing market, the rise in mortgage rates, and mounting economic concerns have some people questioning: should I still buy a home this year? While it’s true this year has unique challenges for homebuyers, it’s important to factor the long-term benefits of homeownership into your [...]

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