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The Myth of Not Listing Your Home Over the Holidays

Home Decorated for the HolidaysThe Myth of Not Listing Your Home for Sale Over the Holidays

In the seasons of Real Estate, the holidays are often noted as the slowest time of the year to sell a home. People are busy focusing on family gatherings and traditions, holiday shopping, and looking forward to some time away from work and the office. Homes are decorated reflecting family values and beliefs which could be a turn-off to a buyer with a different set of beliefs. The year is coming to an end and there is the perceived slowdown of business activities. Conventional wisdom used to be you shouldn’t even try to sell your home during this time. With potential homebuyers too preoccupied with the holiday focus, no one is going to be out looking at homes with their real estate agent – and most likely the real estate agent is taking time off as well.

However, is this all true? Should a homeowner wait until after the New Year to list their home for sale even though they are ready to move now? Plain and simple – No! The home-buying season is every season – Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. This is especially true here on the Central Coast where our climate doesn’t involve snow or ice which is a factor elsewhere. Here are several reasons why a homeowner should not hesitate to list their home over the holidays:

Your Home will stand out as fewer sellers list during this time.

The supply and demand factor prevails nicely during the holidays as most sellers hesitate to list their homes during November and December.

Buyers are looking online every day, even on holidays.

With the market moving fast, buyers are looking every day (every hour, and minute too …) for their dream home. Even after eating a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving, they will kick back with their phone and start looking at homes online. They know they cannot miss a day if they want to be successful in purchasing in today’s market.

The buyers who are out looking at homes over the holidays are serious and motivated.

The buyer who is searching over the holidays is motivated and knows there is less buyer competition for the same home as other buyers’ focus is elsewhere. It is also possible a buyer is working within a timeframe for tax benefits or other factors where they want to close by the end of the year.

Showing accommodations are easily more acceptable by buyers during the holidays.

Buyers generally have more time and flexibility over the holidays due to time off from work so they can flex more in seeing homes in person. They are also more agreeable to accommodate seller requests in limited showings due to planned family dinners/gatherings at this time of year.

Homes that are nicely decorated for the holidays readily engage with buyers’ emotions.

Home buying is highly emotional and buyers who walk into a home that is clean, organized, and nicely decorated for the holidays will find positive emotions invoked about that home.

People ask me all the time “when is a good time to sell my home?” The answer is the best time is when it meets your timeline and needs. If you are wanting to list your home in November or December but are hesitating because it is the holiday period, please consult with your preferred Realtor®. There are unique benefits to listing and purchasing at this time of year, and your best buyer may be online right now looking for your home.

As a broker, I have found the holidays to be an enjoyable time to work with clients in achieving their real estate goals. Who doesn’t want to spend the holidays on the Central Coast?! For more information on listing or purchasing a central coast home, reach out to the professionals at Barnes & Associates Sotheby’s International Realty: phone 805.927.1200; email basircambria@gmail.com; web at basothebysrealty.com

  • Leslie Dougherty, Broker Owner, Barnes & Associates Sotheby’s International Realty

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